3D generalist with a concentration toward asset production.

Relevant production experience includes hard surface subdivision modeling; organic retopo subdivision modeling; sculpt, scan, and photogrammetry cleanup; procedural asset development; texture (procedural and/or painted) and shader development; render setup and optimization. Production projects include film, music video, promotional and instructional.

Current software focus is modo for modeling, mesh asset prep with Houdini for most everything else. Comfortable adapting assets and builds for Cinema 4D and Maya. Typically use PS and ArtRage for paint, starting to get into Substance Painter/Designer.

Favor renderers allowing physically based shading models -- C4D Physical, Octane, Mantra (typically starting with Principled Shader), MODO standard, MODO PBR, etc., etc. -- but have years of experience creating materials for legacy shading models in several renderers.

Additional experience includes general organic rigging (modo, C4D), mechanical rigging, cloth setup & sim (Houdini and C4D), destruction setup & sim (Houdini/Houdini Engine), and fluid/particle simulations (Houdini).

Work Examples


Currently based in Los Angeles. Available for local onsite and remote.

Feel free to email at: joshua.elliott@gmail.com

Phone provided upon request or first correspondance.